Bounty of the Land: Bears and Berries at Fort George & Buckingham House

Berries and bears and trees, oh my!

The fur trade – and people's survival – depended on the bounty of the land. How much do you know about fur traders' interactions with the land around them?

Join us this weekend as we get to know the plants and animals around us and how fur traders ate.

Have you ever wondered about the large pile of bison bones at Fort George? It's left over from pemmican making. Pemmican was the staple food for travelling fur traders, made from dried bison meat, fat and berries. This weekend, we're going to revive the work done at Fort George in the 1790s by making some pemmican ourselves.

There will be scavenger hunts, games of deduction, and fun trivia to discover along the way!

Mr. Bear might even come out to play.

An event for all ages.



Saturday and Sunday, July 20-21 and August 17-18, 10 am to 5 pm